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Fulu / 7473C, 2020 Fulu / 7473C, 2020 Fulu / 7473C, 2020 Fulu / 7473C, 2020 Fulu / 7473C, 2020 Fulu / 7473C, 2020 Fulu / 7473C, 2020

Unique Work

Fulu / 7473C, 2020


Reference: 04605

Inkjet on Hahnemühle paper 308 gsm
841 x 594 mm, 33.1 x 23.4" 


Star Works from The Infinity Series

Fresh, graphic and pop clean Tanya Ling’s Star Works capture in flat, smooth, solid colour Ling’s effortless flowing line; powerful, beautiful, strong and tender all at once.

Originating from a group of hand-crafted line paintings, each named after a single star, the works are being created in an ongoing machine-made series where every iteration is digitally rendered unique by virtue of its colouring.

The production methodology and the application of either one or two colours identified by their Pantone colour reference suggests that an infinite number of works can be realised.

No Star Work will share the same colouring with another. None will be repeated, each an edition of one.

They are unique works of art for an age of digital manipulation and mechanical reproduction.

Every work in the series is
signed on the reverse by the artist with her initials; dated, titled with its star name and Pantone colour reference particular to the work and marked with the Tanya Ling Studio stamp.