Tanya Ling Studio


Full English

Full English


Platform Southwark
1 Joan Street
London SE1 8BS

4th – 25th October 2019

A group exhibition organised by Dateagle Art, curated by Martin Mayorga and Vanessa Murrell featuring a large acrylic on canvas Line Painting.

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Reason Gives No Answers

Reason Gives No Answers


Newport Street Gallery
Newport Street
SE11 6AJ

11th September – 10th November 2019

A single sculpture made by Ling in 2014 included in, Reason Gives no Answers, a new exhibition from the collection, at Newport Street Gallery.

Land Escape

Land Escape


Paul Stolper Gallery
31 Museum St, Bloomsbury

November 22nd 2018 – January 10th 2019

Land Escape is a solo exhibition of new prints and new sculptures by Tanya Ling at Paul Stolper Gallery, London.

Printed by K2 Screen and published by Paul Stolper, Ling has named the new two colour silkscreens after the English cities and towns she lived and grew up in as a child and teenager. Darley Dale, Nottingham, Sheffield, Clacton-on-Sea and Southsea.


For further information contact Paul Stolper Gallery
+44(0)20 7580 7001

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