Tanya Ling Studio

Tanya joins Harper’s / 17th December 2021

Tanya joins Harper’s / 17th December 2021


We are delighted to announce that Tanya will now be represented exclusively in the US by Harper Levine and his gallery Harper’s, who presented Tanya’s show, Let it come to me, in East Hampton during the summer.

Founded in 1997, Harper’s was built on Harper Levine’s decades-long career as a rare book and photography dealer operating out of 87 Newton Lane, East Hampton, a space he originally shared with Glenn Horowitz. A second space, Harper’s Apartment situated on the Upper East Side of NYC was added (2016) to his enterprise that focussed exclusively on contemporary art. Locations in Chelsea, NYC and Los Angeles have also recently been added.

An exhibition of new work by Tanya is scheduled to take place at Harper’s LA in the Fall of 2022.

Visit Harper’s website here.